Catch Of The Day - Asus S101H Pink Premium EEE PC Only $649 + Free Shipping

27 August 2009

CatchAThon Continues with 20 new item including this Asus S101H Pink Premium EEE PC.

Click Bite Me on the page to purchase: Note it will appear in your cart as CatchAThon Continues, but will be charged and dispatched correctly.

Google this model number S101H-PIK027X


  • lilpretzel
    Cheapest price on Static is $899.00
  • geo78
    you can have the black model for the same price + postage (around $10) from Wireless 1 Online - ASUS EEE PC S101H BLACK 046X and claim $100 cashback from ASUS.
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Geo for that tip. The list of Retailers and models can be found ]here the Pink model is also included.
    1000H series ($69 cashback) EEEPC1000H-BK046X or EEEPC1000H-W040X 1000HE series ($89 cashback) EPC1000HE-BLK002X or EPC1000HE-WHI002X S101H series ($100 cashback) S101H-PIK014X, S101H-BLK016X, S101H-BRN016X, S101H-CHP016X, S101H-CHP037X, S101H-PIK027X, S101H-BLK046X, S101H-BRN045X

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