Canon MV940 Digital Video Camera @ Officeworks $333

24 August 2007

This particular model is only a year old. Its had fairly benign reviews. Nothing hugely special about it but neither is it crap.

The officeworks price however is pretty good. $333 while its retailing on average at $500 with the nearest other price being $400 or so. So at this price it would make a far better buy and I'm sure you could live with the few quirks, than at its original $700 retail price.

It says that its only available in QLD on the site but I still dont get why that would be the case.

To find this go to the Clearance Bin > 30% Off > Tech Products.


  • admin EDITOR
    They also have a MV830i in there, which I wont post as its price is 471 and from what I can make out its not got much over the 940 and its reviews arent that good. ]Review on the MV940 ]Review on the MV830i
  • Brad
    Your ]mystery gift too, if you order online that is.
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - yea - forgot about that ta brad - I wonder if the freebies are still availble as well
  • Brad
    I added both to your deal ;)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Your ]mystery gift too, if you order online that is.
    I really wanna know what the mystery gift is!! If anyone buys this, please please tell us! :rolleyes:

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