Canon DC10 video camera $614.50 at Officeworks

22 December 2006

You can grab yourself this Canon DC10 DVD digital video camera for about $200 cheaper than elsewhere at Officeworks.
"The super slender, lightweight DC10 offers true portability, high image quality and the convenience of shooting straight to DVD."

* Direct-to-DVD shooting.
* Real 16:9 Widescreen recording.
* XP, SP, LP Recording modes.
* Extensive in-camera editing functions and software.
* Electronic Image Stabilizer.
* Fully functioning built-in still camera.
* 12 AE modes.
* Digital Effects.
* Digital Fades.
* Print/Share button self-timer.
Sorry no cashback with these guys

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  • wheadle
    They must be bringing out a new model. Or have they already?

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