Cable Chick - Free Australia-Wide Shipping For All October Orders Over $10 - Ends 31st October.

7 October 2009

for the rest of the month, free shipping on all orders over $10...


  • admin EDITOR
    I thought you didnt think their prices were any good fishmonkey ?
  • fishmonkey
    well, their prices aren't bad, but you can often find better prices elsewhere... although like most stores there will sometimes be good deals to be had... on the plus side they do have very good customer service, and they also run a warehouse, so i don't suppose you can expect them to be able to consistently undercut really small operators with negligible overheads... i've bought a few things from them before (ethernet and USB cables, and a cheap monitor mount) but i always shop around a bit... you can almost always get better deals on HDMI and DVI cables of similar quality elsewhere though...
  • brehaut
    Free delivery from them doesn't help me. They are about three minutes away from my house!! :-)

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