CA Internet Security (3 PC License) for Half Price $34.95 thanks to the Commonwealth Bank

21 January 2008

When it comes to internet security, you can never have too much protection.

So, to ensure you stay a step ahead of internet fraud, the Commonwealth Bank has partnered up with CA Internet Security and is offering advanced security software for your PC - normally valued at $69.95 - for $34.95. But hurry, this offer is only available for a limited time.

All you have to do is complete the quiz and you get a link to purchace and download the software. This is for a 3 PC License.


  • nod
    Never used these guys before. What are they like?
  • sab988
    dunno really but seems like a good price for 3 licenses
  • nod
    Yeah for 3 licences it is a good price Anyone using CA can shed some light on the matter?
  • port
    CA AV = Vet.
  • nod
    CA AV = Vet.
    Can you elaborate Port ? :D

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