Buy a mobile at JB Hifi and get 10% off anything else-could get 20% off laptops

3 May 2008

Motorola V6 Maxxx is good at $249 with $10 calls OR the better thing would be to combine this with the 10% off sale that they have on until Monday. Buy a new phone and then get 20% off a new laptop. Nothing that I can see that says you can't use your 10% off with the items already on sale


  • wheadle
    The LG Ke770 is a good price at $199. No idea what it is like as a phone
  • admin EDITOR
    be nice if you can combine sale and code. Smart wheadle.
  • nod
    Would be great if they would let you double the discount but I wonder if they don't have small print associated with the 10% off sale. I will go and take a look But thanks for the deal Wheadle :)
  • nod They have this banner but nothing to state that it is not available with any other offer .. So I don't see why you could not give it a go And this is all I can find text wise
    *Buy any mobile phone at JB & receive a voucher for 10% off the ticket price of anything instore except gift vouchers. Voucher expires 1 month from issue date.

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