Buy a Dell 27" TFT Monitor and get a Vostro 1000 notebook for just $98 extra

3 November 2007

The current price for the 27" 2707WFP is $1699 but by adding the monitor to a notebook deal we can get the price of the 2 together down to $1797.

Q142707WX -web
Dell 27 Inch Ultrasharp Widescreen LCD FULL HD 1080P
3 Years Advanced Exchange (Next Business Day)

Q541121V -web
Dell Vostro 1000 Notebook

Click through to dell and enter ecode Q541121V -web into the finder boxes, add the 27"TFT to the spec from the notebook options list and go to checkout. At checkout use coupon code 39131CC55486 to get 10% off both the notebook and the TFT.
You could always sell the notebook if you dont need one and still get a cheap 27"TFT.

Notebook spec
Mobile AMD Sempron technology 3600+ 2Ghz
512MB (1 X 512MB) DDR2 SDRAM
80GB SATA Hard Drive
Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
Genuine Windows XP Home SP2 Edition
1 Year Limited with Next Business Day Onsite Service


  • sandgroper
  • nod
    Low spec lap but I guess you are only paying 100 bucks for it. Good deal if you had your eye on the 27" monitor. You could sell off the laptop to bring the cost of the 27" a bit Might go check what the lappy is worth :)
  • sandgroper
    Dell sell the notebook for $698 Nod, if you were to team up with a friend who wanted a notebook you could spec up any Vostro Notebook and add the monitor, get the 10% discount plus bucky cashback and come to an arangement on who pays what so you both get a nice discount. Or maybe ebay the notebook ;)
  • nod
    Teaming up with a friend would be a good idea too. You would certainly want to increase the RAM and the 80GB HDD. Is the lappy 15.4"?
  • sandgroper
    Yes 15.4" widescreen Nod, I would agree with the ram although it will run on 512meg. The HD size I will disagree on size wise. Its added expense on a low end notebook thats not justified when external storage is so cheap now. Put all the big files on a usb drive for when at home and 80Gb is plenty for out and about use ;)
  • nod
    Good point Pick up a 500gb for $200-250

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