Buffalo Wireless WHR-G54S Broadband Router for $69

26 February 2008

This probably slightly for the more technical minded. This Buffalo unit has the same (if not better) internals than the famous WRT54G wireless router. These units are renowned for being the most stable and configurable units commercially available. It's been featured on Life Hacker (http://lifehacker.com/software/router/hack-attack-turn-your-60-router-into-a-600-router-178132.php), for being capable of handling DD-WRT/Tomato firmware.

Even though this may not be a special/discounted price, I believe its a very good unit for the price youre paying, at 69AUD.

I recently purchased the amplified version (increased wireless range) of this, then WHR-HP-54, which is double in price. Ive previously owned two WRT54G units.

They're excellent wireless game adapters.


  • admin EDITOR
    are they good across all the different OZ ISPs trevor ?
  • admin EDITOR
    external switch to go from AP to bridge is reasonably smart - although having said that once configured there's not a lot of changing between the two configurations.
  • trevorf
    I guess like everything, the term "broadband" in there is just part of marketing. It's just a wireless router really, that has sufficient bandwidth for broadband connections. Bigpond don't have heartbeat anymore, so no issues there. And I believe that if you do happen to bridge your ADSL modem to these units, these units are very capable (if not better than what you'd find on your modem). That switch is kinda useless, all configurable via web interfaces. Anyway, just thought I'd share it with everyone, as these units are the best Wireless-G units available on the market at the moment(assuming you load a 3rd party firmware on it). They have excellent signal quality/range, and you can boost it higher if required. I don't know what the best/most stable Wireless N unit is, and don't even know if the specification for wireless-N is set yet.

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