Brother MFC5460CN Multifunction Printer @ Officeworks $139

30 July 2007

Another good price on a multifunction printer. Comparitively this is a better bargain than the HP I just posted - better in the sense that the average retail price on this is still around the $220 - $250 mark although I have seen it as low as $148 at PC Solutions.

You can find it in the Officeworks clearance section > Tech Products and Computer Supplies.


  • madmacs
    Saw the deal and ordered online yesterday. Item arrived today. I bought it mainly as a fax machine. Works suprisingly well with my few macs via Airport Extreme. Flimsy plastic but expected for $140. A bit slow but networking is a nice bonus. Network fax, scan and print works but needed some fiddling with settings. The manuals and instructions are bad. The user guide actually does not make a mention of where to connect the USB/ethernet. It is the first time I see a network connection hidden INSIDE the printer. Good one Brother!
  • admin EDITOR
    Great stuff madmacs. Ta for the first post and the feedback. Excellent to have. The more I hear about Airport Extreme the more I've gotta get one. It just makes sense. Bugs me having wires running around the place and having to plug things in when wireless is so much smarter.
  • sab988
    welcome to buck scoop MadMacs Make sure u tell ur freinds abt buckscoop so they can benifit from cashback's
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop MadMacs Awesome feedback too!

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