Bluetooth iPod Transmitter, $44.95 @ Jaycar Electronics

11 October 2009

these are pretty cheap compared to other alternatives i've seen...

note that these units have their own rechargeable battery inside, unlike some other units which run from the iPod's own battery... downside is you have two batteries to worry about, upside is that the Bluetooth unit doesn't drain your iPod's battery...

This unit plugs into your iPod and it allows you to listen to your tracks wirelessly through a Bluetooth speaker. Or you can pair this unit up with Bluetooth hands free headphones and still be able to take calls. With an onboard lithium-ion battery, charging is done via the USB cable supplied. Measures at a mere 40(l) x 33(H) x 11(D)mm

Range: 10m
Supports: A2DP and AVRCP
Operation Time: 10 hours
Charge Time: 2 hours
1+ $44.95
2+ $40.45
4+ $35.90
buy in-store, otherwise cheapest shipping option is $6.60 Australia-wide...


  • golfwidow
    Thanks fishmonkey. Just added the merchant name to your heading.
  • fishmonkey
    ta, i fixed it proper now...

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