Blue Creative NOMAD MuVo NX MP3 Player 128MB for only $15 & 3.75% cashback!!

10 May 2007

Might be pretty small capacity, but can't expect much mroe for $15!! This is the blue Creative NOMAD MuVo NX MP3 Player - 128MB, for $14.90 delivered from Deals Direct. I actually have a 2GB creative one, very similar to this. What's brill about it is that they take your standard AAA battery, so you can just pop a spare in when it runs out.

I've always rated creative products far above iPod, that's just personal preference though!

Details: This Creative NOMAD MuVo NX MP3 Player is a tiny, ultra-light MP3 player that can be used as both a storage device, music player or an 8 hour voice recorder. Simple to use, it offers skip-free music and crystal clear audio at an absolutely amazing price!

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  • Emma EDITOR
    See, it's like a USB drive, so no cables are needed. You just pop it in the PC and you're away :D ]

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