Black Toshiba DVD Player (Renewed)

17 June 2007

Black Toshiba DVD Player (Renewed)

The units themselves are standard DVD player fare, but they TOSHIBA and they are black. (Renewed).

In the face of this kind of pricing, and the brand quality, the feature set becomes almost irrelevant, but for the sake of completeness; the units feature multi format playback DVD/DVD-R/CD/CD-RW/Video CD. Sound is handled by the onboard 24bit/192khz DAC or digital to analog convertor, with Dolby Digital decoded output supported. Great picture quality courtesy of the 10bit, 27mhz video convertors and a component video output. The picture zoom comes in handy to get in close and really take in all the action and the dialogue expander feature "reproduces hard to understand passages", and of course there is a bundled remote.

Sold Out @ 16:40 A.E.S.T.


  • nod
    Bargain price for a branded dvd player even if it is refurbished. No mention of a warranty though?? Thanks Holdenmg
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - how cheap is that. Not surprised they have a limit of one.

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