Billy shoots out and snaps up a Nikon for the Football Club.

15 June 2007

Billy decides it is time to rebuild things and mend a few fences after that rather unfortunate incident last week with the Pizza and Sides.

Who would know Uncle Frank would be allergic to Sprite?

And those comments made while Billy was visiting Uncle Frank in hospital seemed quite harsh too.

How was Billy to know Frank was going to need the Oxygen at the exact time he was using it to re-inflate his balloon? Then there was the mix-up with the helium and the oxygen mask, which caused Uncle Frank to float to the roof and explode...

Anyhow, community spirited Billy tries to redeem himself for the fundraising committee of his football team who have asked him to find a prize that could be raffled at their next sausage sizzle fundraiser.

Billy doesn't know a lot about photography but reckons the more megapixies the better.

This was the same rationale he used when he started the High Carb/High Kilojoule/High Cholesterol diet.

Billy still can't understand why he isn't getting selected for the footy team and is carrying the drinks tray each week.

Billy selects the following:

Nikon D2XS (Body Only)
The D2Xs offers Nikons acclaimed DX-format CMOS image sensor capturing 12.4 million effective pixels per image, producing 4,288 x 2,848-pixel images with the high resolution and sharp detail needed for demanding professional assignments.

Nikkor AF-S 28-70mm f2.8D IF-ED. Includes HB-19 lens hood.

Total $8674.00 + $16.00 Freight and Insurance.

Billy shopped around (to the extent that someone who has a curfew and is grounded for life can) and reckons it is a snap at that price.


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - this is where I hate the limitations of text and forums. Very very smart and witty holdenmg - even if its bloody expensive. Am laughing my ass off at it.
  • nod
    :D Poor Billy...I can certainly understand why the lad has been selected to help with the Football fundraiser and not play if his ideas for pizza are a reflection on his ideas for "High Carb/High Kilojoule/High Cholesterol diet." :eek: And all this and still a mere 8 year old :) Billy did have a quick word about the price of this camera with the head of the Football Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser committe, Mr Jenkins. Sadly, Billy chose to talk to him just as he had sat down to enjoy his morning tea (scones by the lovely CWA ladies). The mention of the price of said camera unfortunately caused Mr Jenkins to inhale his scone, lodging it firmly in his airways. Despite all of Billy's best efforts (he learnt the Heimlich Maneuver after the Uncle Frank incident), Mr Jenkins still required an ambulance. Billy thus decided that a 'better value' camera might be a good idea

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