BigW DS Console Package $198 - Console plus one photo kit + choice of any 2 of these games!

30 June 2008

DS Console Package $198

Special purchase.

Nintendo DS Light console plus your choice of one of these photo kits and your choice of any 2 of these games.


  • Buzz
  • wheadle
    Do they only have pink? Son would not be too happy
  • lilpretzel
    Don't forget EB games will match price same as, JB Hi-FI, WoW It states also available in Black, Ice Blue, Red & Blue. I would try and grab the new colours which you can see in this deal - ]Kmart - DS Lite Console Starter Pack $199.00 - Toy Sale Starts Thursday!
  • voteoften
    are those things on the right the photo kits?
  • admin EDITOR
    Kmart and bigw have a DS lite fight..... They look like a spares kit to me voteoften.
  • mikepspencer
    The Kmart deal is better as it has a better accessory pack (unless you want one of the bonus ds game in the big w deal)

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