Big W - Introductory Soft Cover Photo Book $9.98

13 August 2008

Create an 8 x 8" 20-page soft cover personalised photo book at Big W during their current promotion period and it will only cost you $9.98 or $14.98 if you want a Disney one).
After the promotion the price will be $22.46 (or $26.84 for the Disney one).

1.) Load your images into the Fujifilm kiosk and select photo books.
2.) Select premium personalised cover and then select 8 x 8" soft cover. 3.) Choose your border style, cover style and the background theme. 4.) Preview, edit and add text. Pay at the counter and pick up from your local store in approximately 10 days.

In the catalogue they are promoting it by combining with their current baby specials and encouraging you to purchase one to celebrate your baby's life, but I'm pretty sure you can use any photos.

So this would make a great addition for all our Olympic 'friends' to have a record of their performances today and in the lead up to tonight's medal ceremony.


  • voteoften
    I voted hot but if you have to do it all in the store, it would be a major pain. Sometimes people like to think about these things and play with the various options....
  • bigal
    hot from me too, but i'd hate to do it instore
  • golfwidow
    HOT deal. If it can be used for other piccies will be a great way to show off my portfolio :)

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