Best deal on Apple iPod Touch 64Gb 3rd gen. $345.31 @

30 June 2011

I've just spent the last hour doing the rounds of websites checking the prices for the 64GB version of the touch.

Best I could do was with, $349.95 (+ $7.95 p&p) - $12.59 (Buckscoop Cash) = $345.31.

EDIT - Just got the earnings updated - the Cashback is only $11.46 due to them only paying out on the GST EXCLUSIVE price - so we miss out on $1.13 of cashback...

I know the 4th gen is out there, but I'm sick of having to pay for cameras on things that I never use...

I was always tearing my hair out with my 8gb Nano (another camera!), having to constantly take off gb's of songs to fit on anything new! Hopefully now with 64gb's to play with I'll never have to worry about it again!!


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    Its a very good price for the model yes. But unless you need it right now I'd wait another month or two until the 5th gen release is close as they will bomb the price of the 4G and probably even further on the 3G's.
    Just re-checked the deal and have uped the price back to $379, I must have got the last one for $349.95 or maybe it was just an End of Fin. Year Sale special... You're right Donkey, waiting probably would have shown to be more profitable but sometimes you've just got to go with the deal you've got in front of you. 'The early bird gets the worm' and all that, or is it 'A Bird in the Hand'? To be honest I just wanted it NOW!!!
    Even though the price jumps between $345 & $380 from OO it still seems to be the best price around. Was in Canberra over the weekend and BigW, Target & the like all had it at around the $450 mark... But to be fair, that price would probably be for the 4th gen...

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