Benq R55V40 Notebook @ MSY Clayton $1099

22 August 2007

From what I've read Benq are emerging as a pretty reliable buy. This deal has been around for a week at least now and word is that MSY dont have any stock but if you can get hold of one its a good buy.

MSY, although we'd love to petition them to make their site look something less than amateur, have this one at at a very good price. Otherwise still in the range of $1600 upwards elsewhere.

The machine spec is not bad value for the money. There's a lot of machines out there with lesser bits than this for a lot higher a price.

Only from the Clayton (Vic) store.

Benq R55V40 Notebook C2D-T5500, 80GB, DDL, 1GB, 15.4 LCD, XPP

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