Benq G2400WT 24" LCD - $275 (Umart)

4 March 2009

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  • frogduck
    Wow thats a really good price, although i'm using one right now so I don't think I need this :( i bought mine for 535 back in the day :P
  • sum1
    Now I regret buying my 24" Dell E2408WFP even though I got it for about $400 which is half of the $800 retail price. I just noticed that this one also has HDMI + DVI-D, so you could additionally hook up a PS3 or one of those $90 HD Set top boxes. Add a set of PC speakers and an audio jack adapter and you could set up this BENQ as a full HD tv for less than $500. Makes you wonder if the tv manufacturers really need a minimum $1500 for the 1080p detail.
  • jdstacey
    These monitors are $375, not $275... has the price gone back up?
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - showing the same for me jdstacey - might expire it until we find out more.

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