Bargain bucket! KME Wireless Keyboard and Wireless mouse just $29

27 June 2007

KME Wireless Keyboard KY-7301P Wireless Optical 3-key PS/2 Mouse MF-N333

KME Wireless Optical Desktop Combination: wireless Keyboard KY-7301P, Black & Silver Colour, PS/2 interface, supports Multimedia keys, supports Office keys; wireless optical 3-key PS/2 Mouse MF-N333 featuring advanced Optical Sensing Technology, Plug & Play, Super High Sensitive with 400/800CPI, Super Auto Scroll without Scrollbar/On-Line Zoom/Connect to Internet (Special Driver Required), Auto power saving mode, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP compatible


  • nod
    Bargain bucket they are :D Delivery is about $11 central Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane
  • nod
    it appears that Hb outlet still have 3 of these in stock :)
  • admin EDITOR
    it is actually pretty cheap compared to the 89 you pay for the same but branded.

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