AVLabs Easy-CAM, Twin Pack of Webcams $19.95 + Shipping from $8 @ Mwave today

22 May 2008

Not the best of resolutions (52 x 288 pixels CMOS sensor) but for the price they would be fine

Includes Cmos - USB cameras, Ulead bundled software, for internet, picture editing and video monitoring.

Monitor and record the events via webcam, record and view later or view

Ulead Photo Express
Ulead Photo Explorer
Ulead Photo Cool 360
Security Camera Application
Product Highlights:
Built-In Microphone
Live Video & Audio Instant Messaging
Capture Still Image
Motion Detection Security Feature
Light Weight and Small in size


  • nod
    As you say Sandy. I can't imagine the picture quality is great but if you use them infrequently they might be alright
  • admin EDITOR
    52x288 is pretty small. Mind you having said that - skype for example chokes down video when it transmits it - so doesnt matter if you have a high res camera attached - it still gets sent as low. I personally wouldnt bother with one of these.

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