ASUS Vivo Tab Windows 8 Tablet special at Computer Alliance now only $395

16 May 2013

Running on Intel Atom with 64GB storage and 2GB memory, the ASUS ME400C-1A032W 10.1" Vivo Tab Windows 8 Tablet is now on a special deal at Computer Alliance. Get it for only $395 (including free shipping). Bing Lee has this same tab for $491 while Digital Star has it for $549.

If you’re someone who needs to do a lot of typing on your tab, you can check out this bundled ASUS Vivo Tab Windows 8 Tablet + Microsoft Wedge Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard for an additional $100 at Computer Alliance –

It's still quite a steal, looking at the Bing Lee price of $491 which is WITHOUT the keyboard. For $495 at Computer Alliance, you get the tab AND the keyboard.

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