ASUS F3JP + Case + Mouse at MLN for $1497

1 March 2007

I found this deal arelier which I thought was a worth it.

C2D processor, 1Gb RAM, Vista Home, 80Gb, WiFi etc.

Also comes with carry case and mouse and has $25 flat rate delivery Aust wide.


  • admin EDITOR
    Nice deal crusty. The $25 delivery fee is a little steep but it would be good for people that live in more remote areas and the base price you found is a lot better than the others I've seen for the same model and its a pretty reasonable spec for money. I'll give you a hot vote.
  • admin EDITOR
    They've dropped the price down from $1699 to $1497 on this - havent checked to see if thats still better than market though.
  • sab988
    too dear :confused:
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks sab988 - have expired it.

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