Asus EeePC 7 Linux + Open office $399 Instore at MSY until 12th April

7 April 2008

Intel celeron 900Mhz
512meg ddr2
4GB SSD hard disk
7" ultra potrable
1yr world wide warrenty
5 in 1 card reader
3 usb 2 ports
OS is Linux + open office
Black and white available

There is probably a store near you if your in VIC/NSW/QLD/SA ring to check stock before travelling.


  • admin EDITOR
    Had a look at one of these the other day. Looks quite useable but the screen size is pretty dinky. Keyboard is passable size.
  • geo78
    after seeing it myself, i won't buy it given that for a few hundreds more, you get a decent one. it looks a bit cheap...ok, the size makes it easy to travel with it, but i travel with my 17" without any prob...and i'm not a bodybuilder...
  • diider
    Ive got one since february and I love it. It is a tad small(the screen and the keyboard) but I adapted to it after a couple of days pretty easily. I use it for work a lot (word,excel,pdf,net access) and the only thing I really needed was a mouse bcus the touchpad on the eeepc is a tad small.
  • Keeys
    I have no idea about this kind of thing what would this mainly be used for? Are you better with this or a cheap laptop?
  • geo78
    this will be used for internet is good for someone who likes linux
  • Keeys
    I hve no idea what linux is :(
  • geo78
    an operating system just like Windows...oh well, not quite...this one is free...

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