Asus Broadband Router $39 - Simple Router for a low price

11 May 2007

Simple Broadband Router for a low price.

ASUS RX3041 is an ideal-designed broadband router for sharing network at home or in SOHO. It possesses feature-rich firewall and management function. With intelligent setup wizard, users are able to quickly configure it and connect to computer to share Internet, files, games, or communication. In addition, ASUS specific and friendly user interface allows users to benefit from advanced security function.

Benefits and Advantages:
3-easy-step setup wizard
User friendly Web GUI Interface
Support NAT, NAPT, DHCP Server/Client, and DNS proxy
Multi DMZ host support
Support PPTP and IPSec pass through
Advanced security management functions
Multi-placement Options


  • nod
    Not MSY again :(
  • sandgroper
    I'm gonna have nightmares tonight....something along the lines of being asked to "just tidy this web page for us please"

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