Astone stainless cased Western digital 320GB slim portable hard drive USB. $107.35 delivered today @

7 July 2009

A pretty nice price for this drive, the case has 1yr waranty but the WD drive has 3yrs. (WD3200BEVT)

The drive on its own is $85+ship cheapest on staticice

The complete product is a good price on Zazz today.

* Astone ISO GEAR 288 Series
* Easy to install, fixed by only one screw

* Stainless steel casing with plastic top
* Stainless steel back panel helps heat dissipation
* USB 2.0 Hi-Speed data transfer
* Plug & Play, Hot Swappable
* USB Y-Cable (for low power USB ports)
* Comes with Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Blue drive installed
* 5400 RPM, 8MB buffer, 5.5ms average latency
* Read seek time 12ms, track-to-track average time 2ms

* OS Support: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/Mac OS/Linux
* USB2.0 high speed interface up to 480Mb/Sec transfer rate
* Size (WxDxH): 140 x 85 x 13 mm


  • sandgroper
  • fishmonkey
    good deal... anyone used one of those cases before? i'm wondering how hot the stainless steel/plastic combo gets...
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - that was my thought as well. Given the density of the metal I wouldnt have thought stainless would be a good conductor.
  • fishmonkey
    yeah, stainless steel on it's own isn't a very good thermal conductor at all, which is why ss cooking pots have copper or alloy bases... aluminium is a good conductor though, which is why better hard drive enclosures are made of it... and looking at this table, plastic is a good insulator too (not surprising really)....

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