Astone 1TB External Hard Drive (1TB werstern digital drive)USB2 $129 + shipping @ Topbuy today only

18 June 2009

Until Noon - Friday, June 19, 2009

Shipping from $9.95

Internal 3.5" Hard Drive

* Brand: Western Digital
* Model: WD10EAVS
* Capacity: 1TB
* 8MB Cache
* 7200RPM

External Enclosure

* Model: Astone ISO-481E Dual Interface External Hard Drive Case
* High Speed USB2.0 interface, USB1.1 backward compatible
* Ultra high speed eSATA interface. Requires available eSATA port on your computer, offers incredible data transfer speeds.

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  • fishmonkey
    not a bad deal, but a couple of comments: 1. you can get the WD10EAVS drive for $113 at mwave, and those budget Astone enclosures for $25 at some other stores... 2. the WD10EAVS is actually a 5400RPM drive... there is a lot of confused advertising about WD Green Power drives these days... 3. if you bought the drive separately, it would have a 3 year warranty, not 2 years... that can be one of the disadvantages of buying a pre-packaged enclosure plus drive deal... 4. oh, they've just sold out anyway...

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