Apple MacBook Air First Generation Clearance Model $1,299 @ Harris Technology

23 December 2008

1.6GHZ Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics...

it's not clear from the HT site if this is a one off demo model they are clearing (although it does state that the packaging has been opened)... still has 1 year warranty which you could (and should) extend with Apple Care to 3 years (oh and don't buy your Apple Care directly from Apple, very high profit margin there)... their site happily let me put 999 Airs in my shopping cart for a grand total of $1,297,701 so that didn't help much (they kindly offered free shipping though)...

note that the second gen Air (not this one) has beefed up graphics processing (including support for higher resolution external screens), and faster RAM and processing in general... also note that the current Apple RRP is $2,899...

never really wanted one of these until a couple of days ago, when in the bowels of Town Hall station in Sydney a code-cutter whipped one of these out of his backpack and started tweaking a website... second thoughts maybe i just need a holiday...

standard HT shipping charges, $9.19 to Sydney metro, or free pickup from your nearest HT business centre...


  • nod
    :D They are a pretty sexy looking machine and so portable (and I havea 13 inch mac!) A friend grabbed the 1st gen and had issues with it crashing in the heat - not a good thing for an Australian climate me thinks. There were a few other quirky things like the usb ports not allowing enough space for to be used :eek: The 2nd gen has had a good few adjustments and from all I hear a better buy. I do hope that they have addressed the heat issue with the beefier faster machine
  • admin EDITOR
    If anyone else has the same issue as I did and the page doesnt open right down onto the product page just search macbook air and its about number 5 in the list returned. Interesting that they have delivery on it. Normally HT limit those clearance machines to pick up only. Its currently avail from the Vic Business Centre in Hawthorn. Package has been opened but aparently its not marked. Stunning price - great find fishmonkey.
  • fishmonkey
    looks like it has already been snapped up, not surprisingly!
  • admin EDITOR
    Out of interest - does anyone have one of the 2nd gen Airs running on an external monitor ? I want to know whether it makes the fan screetch away at you.
  • admin EDITOR
    looks like it has already been snapped up, not surprisingly!
    Has too. Must have only just gone as the listing is still showing on the main pages. Very good price.

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