Apple iPod Shuffle - 4GB $129 @ Apple store PLUS 2% Bucky cashback

12 March 2009

I always thought the Apple iPod Shuffle was tiny, well Apple have produced a new one, half the size of the previous generation.

The new Shuffle is 4GB (the other was only 1GB), holds up to 1000 songs, and also has a new feature with VoiceOver - a voice that tells you what song is playing and who is performing it.

There is free shipping and engraving. I thought the engraving was a great idea if you were giving the Shuffle as a gift.


  • Wally
    I like the fact that iPods can play the .WAV and .AIFF formats - sometimes ya just gotta have the highest fidelity sampling :thumbsup:
  • lilpretzel
    I like the engraving part, at least it would be harder for them to sell. Don't you just hate it when you buy a present and they end up selling it :whistling:
  • eron
    I like my ipod touch, and even more so when I point it at the back and say "my friends from church bought it for me!".
  • mouldgirl
    There are some refurbs nanos and shuffles shipped free on the apple site at a good price now too 4gb nano for $109

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