Apple Ipod Nano 8GB $174.00 WA, SA & NT. Officeworks price match $165.30.

3 June 2009

My 8yr old desperately wanted a Nano, so we have been watching prices for a while. This was the cheapest we have seen in WA, however we took the Retravision Catalogue to Officeworks for a price match and it worked out to $165.30. Thought this was a great saving and Miss 8 was very pleased!!

2.0" LCD Screen
Holds up to 2000 Songs
Holds upto 7000 photo's
Holds upto 8hrs of video

I'm sure most people know the other specs.

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  • lilpretzel
    It's $172.00 at BigW from tomorrow, another $2 saving if you go to Officeworks. :)

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