Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wifi Tablet PCs (White) shipped for $315 by Digital World International

3 May 2013

If you've been looking to get yourself an iPad Mini, then the lowest prices around right now are only a few dollars apart. For the Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wifi tablet (in white) these are as follows.

In first place with the cheapest offer is DWI for just $315 which includes standard shipping to metro areas (delivery estimate is 2-5 days).

Next up is eGlobal but even with a discount coupon applied it still only brings the price down to $317 (incl. delivery).

Then for all you Kogan fans, they're in 3rd place with a shipped cost of $318.

So it basically comes down to a choice of which merchant you prefer, the only thing with Kogan is it'll take longer to get your iPad Mini (delivery is 2-3 weeks) whereas the other two should deliver within a few days.


  • wfdTamar
    Kogan has it for $299 (black) & $309 (white) shipped till midnight. I somehow managed to get the black for $278.
  • admin EDITOR
    Part of the kogan free shipping deal huh

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