Apple - Free Laser Engraving & Shipping When You Order iPod Touch

16 September 2009

Get free laser engraving and free shipping when you order the iPod touch from the Apple Online Store. It costs $268.

I did find it a bit cheaper at costing $249, not including shipping, and engraving. Plus I'm sure if something went wrong with it Apple would sort you out better - plus there's 2% cashback.

The 32GB Model is $399 at Apple & The 64GB is $549


  • blondieo
    Example of laser engraving on the iphone
  • eron
    There has always been 2 line of message you can engrave for free when you buy it through the Apple Store. Where's the option to choose graphic laser engraving?
  • fishmonkey
    yep, they have been offering a couple of lines of text on iPods for years, but never graphics as far as i know... and Apple have never offered laser engraving on iPhones, something to do with the different case material...
  • blondieo
    Well now I feel stupid! :o lol, I thought it was just new! Still it's not a bad price from Apple. Thanks for the extra info anyway guys! :)

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