Apple - Black Friday deals tomorrow ** now live - check the thread for details + 2% cashback

25 November 2010

It's Thanksgiving in the US tomorrow, and they are going to have a 'Black Friday' sale both in the stores as well as online. One day, from 8am [I think that the stores may be opening a little earlier than normal] tomorrow (26/11). No word yet on what will be on sale, or what discounts there will be, but last year there were some decent (if not amazing) discounts on some things including the laptops. Expectation this year is some cuts on the iPad range so if you're in the market for one then tomorrow might be a good day to check 'em out....


  • ninkasi
    Oh - of course if you want to avoid lines you can always check out the online store and either order from there or print out the page with the thing you want and [as the online prices include shipping and are the same as the store prices] take it to a place like Myer/DJs/Officeworks that price matches [and maybe even give an extra discount if their current price is higher]... :)
  • nod
    I have never really been impressed with these sales but I live in hope
  • ninkasi
    Prices have been released - ipad now starts at $578 (was $629) - so save $51....
  • admin EDITOR
    The general discount is around about 10% on the goodies - plus your your going through from buckscoop you'll get the additional 2% of the purchase price in cashback. A few of the prices: iMacs starting at $1328 Macbook Pro's starting at $1328 13" Macbook Airs starting at $1478 iPod Nano's starting at $184 iPads starting at $578 iPod touch starting at $264 .... (bit of a joke seeing as you can get them from BigW for $237)

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