Apple - 160GB Apple TV $199 inc shipping

14 September 2010

The new Apple TV is out and it is nice and small and, well, doesn't offer much unless you have everything in iTunes on a server/laptop/pc on your home network. The older Apple TV had a lot going for it other than price. Apple are clearing out stock, and you can pickup the (I believe better) older model brand new straight from Apple for $199 including delivery. RRP was $329. Do a quick search and you'll find various very simple hacks (basically you can buy a usb key that you boot the Apple TV off and then you can play all sorts of media on the thing include loading alternatives to Frontrow such as Boxee)

Still won't play true full HD (1080p) video unless you do some hardware hacking, but even taking that into account it's not a bad device at all for that price.

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  • ninkasi
    By the way, plug one of these into a stereo (or even just a pair of powered speakers), load up your music on the hard drive, and you can use an iPhone or touch to control/play music ]wirelessly...

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