Android App - Blueinput (provides bluetooth keyboard connectivity on some phones) 7.45 EUR

10 August 2013

Blueinput for Android is an advanced Bluetooth application that allows you to connect a bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard to your Android device for extraordinary typing speed, wireless device control and an unrivaled coolness factor. Compatible with Android Tablets and Android Phones. Now with Android 4.0 support!

If you want to use the laser keyboard from Magic Cube (Celluon) $140 you MAY need this app. Certainly for the HTC Sensation phone you will need this app to run the Magic Cube in HID mode.

Since most of the Bluetooth Keyboards or Mouses support the HID Protocol by design, you will be happy to see your Bluetooth Input device works with BlueInput out of the box.

Blueinput was designed to run on Android OS 1.5 and above. Because of the big number of Android devices available on the Market, we cannot guarantee that the software will work on your particular hardware configuration. We've provided a trial version that can be used without the need for a registration key so please run it to test the compatibility. Purchase the software only if it works with your device Eur 7.45 (AUD$10.80) (Usually Eur 14.95).


  • admin EDITOR
    Pretty divided reviews on this. Roughly equal single stars to five stars. Smart idea but I suspect they're discounting it for a reason.
  • stevehl
    Yes Donkey - at the moment it is the only software I could find that would make the Magic Cube work with my Android Phone. I suspect that future updates to Android OS will include the relevant drivers. My Asus tablet works find without the app so it maybe a specific HTC thing.

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