ALERT - Pebble Electronics Conia Distributor Goes Into Administration!!

12 February 2009

I just wanted to alert our members whom may need to make a warranty claim on there Conia products, you will have no luck what's so ever!

Pebble Electronics Pty Ltd was placed into Administration on 27 January 2009 and I was just told aren't honouring the warranties.

I also posted some info over in Off On A Tangent.


  • lilpretzel
    ]ALERT!! Conia Products - Pebble Electronics Pty Ltd ( more info with contact number ) I anoticed Catch of the Day catch is a DVD recorder, I would check what brand it is as it's been covered over ;) I hope shops have stopped selling Conia products, no warranty NO GOOD!!!
  • spodosaurus
    I almost bought a Conia TV on sale two weeks ago at JB under spousal pressure - but I resisted - and dodged a bullet!

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