Aldi - Yoghurt Maker $14.99

7 August 2013

Yoghurt Maker
Includes 7 x 200ml glass jars
Transparent cover
On/Off switch with indicator light

Yoghurt culture and recipes are available from

Basic Yoghurt Recipe
1 Litre UHT milk (heat-treated milk saves having to preheat bottled milk to 90C)
1/3 cup powdered milk
1 dose of Yoghurt Starter Culture (1/8 teaspoon or about 4 "grains")

If using a thermos style yoghurt maker, heat the UHT milk to 40° C add the milk powder, then your starter culture and mix well to ensure the culture is evenly distributed, place into thermos. Wait for 6-8 hours.
Add more powdered milk if you want thicker yoghurt.

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