ALDI - 8-in-1 Universal Remote - $14.99

3 February 2010

There's a few good finds in Aldi's catalogue from tomorrow. I think the 8-in-1 Universal Remote looks good, but there's also:

Freeview Certified HD Set Top Box - $99

DVD Player with HDMI - $59

42" (106cm) HD Plasma TV - $649


  • nod
    The 42" plasma is a pretty good buy I think. I have a vague memory that plasma use more electricity than LCD. Not sure where I got that from. Anyone know if it is true or I made it all up? :D
  • nod
    Ok found this @ Cnet
    Plasma TVs use more power than LCD TVs. In our tests of TVs since the beginning of 2008 plasmas consume, on average, roughly two to three times more electricity to produce an image of the same brightness as LCD
    But apparently the manufacturers of Plasma are making things more efficient - have a read of the article ]HERE

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