Aldi - 30L Lumina Microwave / Convection Oven - $149

8 October 2009

Usually you could only get a microwave for $149ish, but Aldi have a 2 in 1 micro & convection oven for the same price.

It doesn't have a well known brand name, but Aldi have a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy (as long as you have the receipt and packaging), plus this product has a two year warranty if anything should go wrong.

I don't know anyone with a convection oven microwave, but they seem to be growing more popular recently, with people substituting their main ovens for them. They're well over $400, so this seems like a great price, maybe even too cheap...but with the two year warranty you should have no worries.

Here's the features from the Aldi site:

* 30L capacity
* 900W microwave power
* 2000W convection oven power
* Stainless steel housing
* 10 microwave power levels
* Digital timer up to 99 minutes
* Safe child lock
* Chrome finished door handle
* Stylish mirror door

It's in stock from today (8th Oct) until stock runs out.


  • taskel
  • taskel
    Oh dear, can any cold votes say why they voted cold? I thought this was a good deal.. :eek: :prop:
  • golfwidow
    Please comment. It is common courtesy. Also remember we do check ;)
  • VelvetRabbit
    It's awful. Was given one for Christmas. It's loud, takes at least twice as long to cook anything, it hums loudly (to cool down) even if you're only using the. Irowwve functionality. The clock doesnt like to set. The pizza function says its supposed to be for grams/weight of the pizza, but its only minutes and seconds its just stupid. It puffs smoke all the time, the 3 times ive tried to use the convection setting it smells like its on fire and burns before it cooks anything. Out of nowhere i was making cheat rice, and all of a sudden it just didnt cook when i'd used it twice 3hrs prior. 2yr warranty (died abut a week ago) taking it back to Aldi today with the receipt.
  • joeydaks
    My Nambour and I bought the Aldi Convection Lumina oven and both are no longer working after 1.5 years of service. My oven fan burst into flames and black smoke filled the kitchen now I have to send it back to Sydney from Brisbane for a refund after almost burning down the house and also make sure the 15 kg unit is properly packed for transport or no refund.
  • Jane201055
    I have had two of these. One gave up the ghost after 4 years. They are an excellent product. I'm looking on here to purchase another. Sorry that people have had problems. I've nothing but good things to say about it.
  • vikk
    Hi Jane, I tried to find this microwave for you, but seems like you'll have to wait for ALDI to have it on sale again... As an alternative you can check out this deal Earth has posted on a microwave from IKEA for $99. Many of my friends have appliances from IKEA and they all say they're good quality.
    Edited By: vikk on 2016/01/14 20:10:01: correction
  • In_Need
    Hi Jane, Just wondering if you kept the old one that ceased working, as im in desperate need of door latches for an old dear friend who's mic wont operate as the door latches broke and is in need. Pls could you let me know, much appreciated Regards Gab
  • Captainjack
    Hi Jane, I don't have an old model unfortunately, but think your best best is try and contact somebody that specialises in microwave repairs to fix the latches. Not sure where you live but if you just google "microwave repairs" and your town/city, you should hopefully be able to get in contact with somebody locally that can help. Good luck!

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