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24 December 2011

Just had to share this one with you guys.

I understand the company looks crap, but aside from the bad English, this site actually isn't too bad. I once heard from a friend, about earphones on sale for 1 cent, free shipping... I was like, meh... one cent, who does it hurt... and I knew in my head that I would never receive headphones...

About 2 weeks later, I received a small parcel, and there they were... don't ask me how they do it, but if you know how they manage to afford packaging, postage and the items themselves for one cent, comment below... I'm really interested.

Anyway, this site has a lot of great bargains, and if you watch, they usually have 1 cent deals, every 2 weeks or so, which last a week.

Will let you know if any one cent deals come up, meanwhile, check out their other products I guess. I bought quite a few of those piggy torches to accompany gifts for Christmas, cheap and cute.

No problems with them, you get what you pay for... don't expect AMAZING products, but all the products I've purchased have ALWAYS functioned.

Free shipping on all items too, can't really go wrong...


  • lisss
    I love these cheap HK/China sites - I knew of Tinydeal and Dealextreme which have good service. There is also Focalprice which I haven't tried, and Dino Direct which I would recommend you stay away from based on my prior experience :( Thanks for posting - will give this one a try :)
  • ninkasi
    Added to the ]list.... ;-)
  • lisss
    It's not free shipping - shipping depends on the order and makes it quite expensive and not worthwhile :( Went to place an order and realised this, so won't be using the website. Pity.
  • ninkasi
    Yeah - unlike many of these sites, but like some, not all items come with shipping included. Can be a bit of a gotcha..... you can go ]here to just see the free shipping items, but it's not as clean....
  • JoshHoward
    Sorry about that folks! aHappyDeal.com only just started charging postage, damn! I'm a bit misleading there... but yes, DealExtreme is my favourite, although they don't have 1 cent deals. Keep your eyes peeled because every week or so a new 1 cent thing comes out. Like that silicon digital sports watch, or the headphones (Apple Replica) or the mozzie repellant bracelet... they're all good, and were free shipping. There should be more, sorry that I said free shipping, they've only recently started charging. DealExtreme.com is recommended though - I love these sites.

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