AgileBits - 1Password 50% off *plus* extra 25% discount on top!

24 November 2011

At the moment, all AgileBits software is 50% off. The really popular product they make is '1Password'.

Now there are alternatives out there (eg KeePass and LastPass for example), but if you are interested in this - now is a really good time. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad and can synch up via Dropbox to keep everything linked. There are some limitations as to what it can do depending on the platform, but that's really not their fault eg on IOS devices it needs to use its own web browser.

Anyhow if you also use the coupon code "ExtraSpecial" on their website (so sadly doesn't work on iTunes) you will get an additional 25% off the current discounted price. I got the cross platform windows & mac five user 'family license' [normally $100] for US$37.49 [$49.99 less 25%].

The single user license (mac or windows) is currently $25, so less 25% that would be $18.75 or so... and it's normally $50.

Why would you need this? Well, this can make it a lot easier for you to have very complex passwords for all those websites you might have accounts for.... and they can all be different so if one site gets hacked you're less likely to have anything else compromised.... and the database is way safer than, say, saving accounts/passwords in browsers as those files can be easy to compromise.... and don't get me started on saving passwords in an excel spreadsheet called "passwords.xls" etc etc.... ;-)

You can also use the system to store other information, like software license keys...

Sale ends 30th Nov


  • admin EDITOR
    Good find ninkasi. I've considered using 1password for mobile as Yojimbo which I use on the laptops doesnt have a mobile version which bugs me everytime I need to remember a password
  • wfdTamar
    I've got this on my Mac. While useful, it seems every time Apple update the OS or Safari or an important site makes a change (say my bank) 1Password stops working (auto entering the password). It's not the end of the world because you can always open the 1Password application (which has a master password) read the username & password and enter it manually. On Android it's a little clunky - you open the app and the site opens within the 1Password app (a basic browser), which is not as good as the normal browser. It is free though because it only reads your main password library from your computer.
  • ninkasi
    ...every time Apple update the OS or Safari or an important site makes a change (say my bank) 1Password stops working (auto entering the password)...
    again, yes this will pretty much be a problem with any of these apps as they generally look for a specific string to identify a site... when that link changes then it won't update automatically so you'd need to change that if you want the autocomplete to keep working... annoying, but can't really blame the app any more than the security requirements for the native browser on the likes of IOS or android restricting what it can do, meaning they have to supply a less featured browser instead... Still, like I said I've tried a few alternatives - ]KeePass appeals to me due to it being opensource but is a little clunky, and ]LastPass requires a monthly fee to use the mobile app.... I had considered 1password but it was way too expensive and instead had been using an iPhone app called "keeper" that sort of did the job, but wasn't fantastic & was making annoying requests to subscribe to a backup system.... Personally, life will be a lot easier when we manage to use some sort of two factor authentication like ]yubikey for authentication but that in itself can have issues (the key wears out, you lose it, etc etc). I dunno - why can't we just all trust each other & get along without all this password stuff.... :flowers:

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