Acer Iconia (NT.L15SA.002) tablet PC Shipped for $109 @ Bing Lee

28 June 2013

While most of the retailers have priced the Acer Iconia NT.L15SA.002 tablet PC between $190 and $210, I found a good price on it at Bing Lee who is charging $109 for it with shipping. Looking at the next best price by Penta for $164.99 and the third best price offered by Digital Hardware at $189.49 (both inclusive of shipping costs), I am sure that purchasing the tablet at Bing Lee is a good idea.

• Android Jelly Bean Operating System
• 1.2 GHz Processor Speed
• 512 GB Ram


  • femme17 its cheaper at JB
  • admin EDITOR
    Technically that $29 cashback by redemption offer from Acer would apply to this tablet from Bing Lee. There's nothing in the terms and conditions which restrict the offer to selected merchants so its open. That would make the Bing Lee still the cheapest at $80 which is a superb price. Only problem is that Bing Lee are out of stock online so you'd have to try and source one instore.

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