Acer - Cashback on selected laptops / netbooks

23 January 2012

I know some people really hate this brand, but all I can say is - they are cheap!

I have claimed from them before and despite a bit of a hiccup (item came without a barcode), the cashback process still went through without a hitch.

Just make sure you are very diligent and keep copies of everything if you decide to snail mail them.

This could be a good saving for parents who decide to use the Education rebate, plus get extra cashback.

Depending on the model number, you have up to Mar 2012 to claim for some models, while others have a deadline of Jan 2012

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  • ninkasi
    Have also claimed from them.... the laptop is still going strong even though my wife didn't really like it.... is now used as a backup/by the kids/loaner for friends, and we've gone back to a Lenovo/thinkpad.... the entry level Acers may not be the best laptop in the world, but certainly good value, made even better with the cashback.... also got an Acer monitor (with a cashback offer on that as well) and it's working just fine, even after dropping it on the ground during a house move!

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