Acer Beacon Projector Screen $149 at Deals Direct PLUS cashback - SAVE $320

2 July 2007

Just trawlling through the latest DD email and stumbled accross this Acer Projector screen at the bargain price of $169 with $17 delivery.
But the high delivery price is fine as you would be paying over $480 elsewhere for this item.
SO even with shipping you are saving yourself just under $300!

A friend watches all her movies at home with a projector and screen - just runs them off her mac and I think it is great! I love watching movies at her place :)


  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Arial] $20 Price Drop DealsDirect Price: only $149 + $17 Shipping (Australia-wide).[/FONT]
  • nod
    Quite cool that this is still available :)
  • admin EDITOR
    been around for a while - obviously not a huge seller. I've watched movies from a computer projected onto a wall - beats a big computer screen anyday. Pretty cool.

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