Acer AT4220B 42" LCD TV @ Umart $1450 after mail in rebate

1 September 2007

This is a great price and you have a couple of options depending on where you live.

Acer have a $149 mail in rebate out on this unit at the moment if bought through an authorised reseller.

Umart is one - Mwave is one.

The base unit price is the cheapest I can find at Umart. $1599. To end up getting it for $1450 you just need to make sure you get the Acer rebate. They only list this telly in the online store for Douglas St Milton - not the others.

The Umart site is clunky to be nice, and your order for an online buy is partially online partially offline - pretty stupid if you ask me but at least they're reputable. Because of the order process I cant find out what the delivery is to other states but if you live in QLD this place is going to be your cheapest option. For NSW and Vic see below.

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    Here's the twist. If you live in NSW and Vic then your best option is probably to head off to ]Mwave and get the same unit. They'll deliver in Syd for $30 and Melb for $50 with a staggering $130 to deliver to WA. The base unit price at Mwave is $1627.10 so after rebate it'll be $1478.10. So still an excellent price considering that they would otherwise cost you upwards of $1700.

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