Acer AT3705-DTV 37" LCD TV @ Acer Outlet $1180

30 August 2007

Acer outlet are the same as Dell outlet. Its where they put out their demo, display and refurb stock.

They've got a 37" LCD in there at the moment for 1180 + you'll pay $100 for delivery. I think the delivery is a bit steep but the unit price (even as a refurb) is excellent. These have good reviews and are still selling for upwards of $2200. I've seen a couple of bodgy merchants advertising it for $2100 but when you go to their site surprise surprise - there is nothing there.

Comes with a 12 month return to base warranty.

We cant deeplink into here so go to the main acer site, find the Acer Factory Outlet link in the lower LHS of the page, then select LCD TV in the product line box and search away.

** admin - I've edited this deal as they've dropped the price on this unit to 1180. I still reckon thats not bad for the telly your getting.


  • admin EDITOR
    Some reading. The guys at the DVT forum are the TV Ubergeeks - ]one of them on this model. And a ]cnet review as an alternative
  • ScarletRubies
    Thanks for the info - links are saved... :)
  • nod
    You would think that the ex demo tv's would not have a lot wrong with them. Nice find Admin
  • admin EDITOR
    its a bit of a hidden away part to find and they list the items in tiny size so you dont actually think there is anything in there.
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll edit this deal as they've put the price of the telly down to 1180. Acer must want to flog them off.

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