Acer Aspire 3627WXMI @ Officeworks $909

20 June 2007

I'm not recommending this as the computer you should buy but it stands out as a really cheap price if you were thinking of buying one.

The spec is fairly low end and 256 meg of RAM is pretty boring. But having said that the price is a bargain by comparison with everywhere else I can find the same model so you'd be able to buy it and upgrade to a decent slug of RAM and still be in front.

Cant deeplink into the Officeworks site so go into their > clearance centre > 30% off > tech products. Only thing to watch here is that they dont do a 30day return warranty on these sorts of clearance items. They do give a DOA obviously though because they are obliged to by statute.

If you buy grab a freebie - just because you can - we know you dont actually need any of this stuff...

Basic Spec
# Processor : Intel Pentium M 725A 1.6GHz
# RAM : 256MB DDR2 533MHz
# Hard Drive : 60 GB
# Screen : 14.1" WXGA
# Software : Windows XP Home, NTI CD and DVD Maker, Acer GridVista and Acer Arcade

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  • admin EDITOR
    I've expired this deal because its borderline crap. Officeworks have another of these units with a slightly different spec that you can pick up for less and I'll post it up in a minute.

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