Acer AL2423WD at Harris Technology $461.50

3 April 2008

I reckon this isnt a bad deal, and it shows how stacking up can be good.

Harris have this monitor out at '10%' off for buying it online. Whether or not thats entirely true who knows. But the online price is $530. Acer have a $49 mail in rebate on it out at the moment as well to make this better and then you get 4.05% cashback through here.

Delivery to Perth as an example would normally cost $31 or so but Harris being Harris they have a pick up joint in each state, so you can cut out the shipping cost by picking it up while at the same time getting the online discount.

So the price figures out as $530 - $19.51 (cashback) - $49 (mail in rebate) to a total of $461.50 thats better than I can find it anywhere else.


  • sandgroper
    Good pricing admin, Computer alliance have it for $499 -$49 rebate but plus delivery so if your living close to them at 1517 Logan Rd Mt Gravatt QLD 4122 then you can maybe shave another few bucks off the price. Otherwise the HT pickup is looking real good.
  • admin EDITOR
    from memory computer alliance delivery is pretty hefty but I could be wrong.

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