A very good Dell Bargain - Machine and 27" monitor @ Dell $1860

8 February 2007

This is one of those Dell - get it quick before they realise bargains.....

The monitor alone sells for $1999 (although some have said they've played with this price recently - typical of Dell). And to boot you can get the core 2 machine for and 2 year onsite warranty. Take the machine on the far right eval code Q240213. Hard drive is upgraded to 250gb, free delivery and then upgrade the monitor from the 24" (which is already an upgrade) to the 27".

Add to that price the 0.75% cashback and its even better...

Apply this coupon code 39103C3DA38C at the checkout to get the price down to $1860.

Absolutely awesome deal.

09/02 - there's something funny with the deeplink to this item soooooo - what you need to do is ......

go through this thread to the post by Admin that says 'You can get to the small business page here.' Take the link.
Once you get to there in the Search Box - type in Dimension E520.
Take the second link (not the recommended links one) and it drops you into the Dimension product page
Then the one you want is the far right listing on that page.


  • nod
    Hey great find Admin I just fixed the link though. It was not working for some reason :p you owe me one! ;)
  • schlemster
    mmm sorry nod but the link is still not working reckon they found their mistake :p
  • nod
    mmmmmmmmmmm :mad: not sure what dell are playing out here is the link http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/features.aspx/dimen_e520?c=au&cs=audhs1&l=en&s=dhs if you can't find it then find then search the E20 desktop and it is on the same page (scroll down) I am not sure if it is dell hiding it or just a glitch??
  • schlemster
    :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: ok now that works great price thanx admin
  • nod
    Very odd here sometimes the link works and sometimes it doesn't??
  • admin EDITOR
    ok - not sure what the problem was - but fixed now.
  • jumpingjack
    Not working for me!
  • jumpingjack
    If anyone still hasn't found it just do what I did which is go to the main Dell Small Business page and then click e-value code at the top and enter the code Q240213 in the first box and WEB in the second. That will take you straight to the deal.
  • admin EDITOR
    You can get to the ]small business page here.

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