A SCREAMING BARGAIN - 37" Acer LCD for under $840 at Harris Technology - save $800!!!!

19 July 2007

You will need to be quick if you are interested in this offer on the Acer At3720B 37" LCD HD ready tv as I suspect that one it will not last for long and two, HT only have a few items in stock.
The one stupid aspect to this is that HT will not deliver the item and they will not tell you where it is! I sent off an email enquiry but they just told me to ring them - stupid!
But if you are interested in the deal it is well worth a phone call - ring 1300 13 99 99.
Ok .. so HT are asking $959 for the Acer 37"
Acer are offering $99 cashback until 31st July
And if you sign in and purchase via Buckscoop (not on the phone) you will receive about $27 cashback
Total = about $833
The cheapest price I can find for this tv is about $1699 so you are getting the item for half price.. well if HT will tell you where they are!

Let us know if any of you manage to find one
You also receive a 3 year warranty from Acer


  • nod
  • admin EDITOR
    that cant be right.... if its going out at about 50% of rrp thats a steamingly good buy.
  • Emma EDITOR
    That 3 year warranty is an excellent back-up service as well. Excellent find Nod! Hope someone manages to bag one! I'm tempted myself, but cannot justify a TV purchase so soon after my 24" Dell monitor...
  • admin EDITOR
    a 24" monitor would nearly double as a TV
  • nod
    anyone taken the plunge?
  • schlemster
    very impressive
  • puma
    i've placed an order via their website on thursday arvo for a pickup order (wa) but was told via email on friday morning that they're out of stock.
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop Puma Shame that they are out of stock already. I wonder if that is for WA only? You would have thought that when you placed your order they would have told you they were out of stock. Thanks for letting us know :)
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I just saw that this deal has broken the 100 degrees..... nice effort.
  • scheps
    so no one could access this deal?
  • admin EDITOR
    They must have sold the units they had scheps and dropped it off the stock list. Some of Harris' habits are annoying - that one where they tell you its out of stock if your reg address is different to the states the deal is available in. I still cant figure out why they dont just do online as a national thing and leave physical stores to deliver to the local trade. Sort of defeats the purpose of using a global medium.

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