$99 cashback on the Acer AL2616WD 26" LCD monitor with this form!

23 July 2007

If you do a quick price comparison of the acer AL2616WD 26" LCD monitor on staticice or shopbot, you'll see it's around the $1000 mark. This form will give you a $99 refund on that amount, if you mke your purchase between the 18th of JUne and the 31st of July 2007. Simply click the link over there and do your stuff >>>>

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    as always - they put terms and conditions on it.... This Cashback Offer by Acer Computer Australia Pty Ltd ABN 78 003 872 768 (Acer) is open to customers who purchase the AL2616WD Cashback $99 from an Acer authorised reseller in Australia during the Cashback Offer period which is from Monday, 18th June 2007 to Tuesday, 31st July 2007. The customer must be a resident of Australia. And as always - to find out if its an authorised dealer ..... http://www.shopacer.com.au/ecprod/Apec/DealerLocator/DealerLocatorSearch.html And, the scumbags, you have to register your 'claim' within 14 days. I do like the way mail in rebates can, with the right merchant, double up with cashback from here to make a nice buy.

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